After much research and development, ForeverLawn® is excited to offer a revolutionary product to the synthetic grass market! ForeverLawn Fusion contains our proprietary new Legacy Fiber™ yarn, which provides the combination of durability and realism for its user. With the ability to withstand uniquely high levels of heat, Fusion is the answer to prevent damaged grass which is often caused by light-reflective issues from Low-E windows and other heat sources in the area.

Benefits of Fusion:

• Superb stability in projects where reflective heat is an issue.

• ​Created for excellent performance in high-traffic environments.

• Maintains a natural look and feel while offering maximum durability.

As a game-changer for our industry, Fusion is the ideal mix of appearance and performance to provide a synthetic grass unlike any other! Call ForeverLawn Emerald Coast for all questions, inquiries, and appointments. 

Fusion Elite surpasses standard artificial grass products in overcoming the effects of reflective heat, while providing superior durability and realism. For projects where low-E windows reflect heat from the sun, such as on rooftops, near glass buildings, and around newer homes and offices, Fusion Elite is the superior choice in both residential and commercial applications.

Fusion Pro combines the strength and heat resistance of the Legacy fiber with a shorter, more dense construction. This design gives Fusion Pro the resiliency to perform better in high traffic areas, while maintaining its healthy and vibrant appearance. Fusion Pro is ideal for wedding lawns, event centers, in front of stores, and other active venues.

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