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What’s best for your dog and what’s best for your lawn now comes in one product, K9Grass®, artificial grass for dogs. When you have a dog, keeping your lawn looking nice takes more effort and may even become unmanageable, but with K9Grass it’s easier than ever to keep your lawn looking great and your dog happy and clean with antimicrobial protection.


K9Grass has an exclusive flow-through backing, short dense blades, and AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection.

K9Grass comes in two varieties: Lite and Classic.

K9Grass was born from a need that traditional artificial turfs did not satisfy.

K9Grass is specifically designed for the needs of pets and their owners. Everyone will be happier with a clean, tidy lawn. You won’t have to worry about your dog tracking mud through the house because mud is not an issue with artificial turf for dogs. The flow-through backing quickly drains away urine, and the antimicrobial agent protects the yard from stains and odors. Simply dispose of feces and spray the mat to clean it. K9Grass is completely washable. The synthetic nature of the materials deters bugs as it contains no organic materials for feeding—simply put: goodbye fleas!

K9Grass will save time and money over the life of its installation. An investment in K9Grass is a decision that will keep you and your dog happy for life. Let our experts ensure you are completely satisfied with your pet space project and get the best possible installation value in the region by contacting ForeverLawn today for a quote.

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