SplashGrass™ by ForeverLawn® provides a low-maintenance, soft surfacing alternative to concrete and pool decks ideal for pools and water parks. SplashGrass is a simple and safe way to beautify your poolside and water parks by adding lush patches of green to the hardscape.

Not only will artificial grass add visual interest to your hardscape, it will make it safer and more manageable as well. Concrete and decks can become slippery when wet, and regular grass gets worn down and muddy from the water. ForeverLawn has developed SplashGrass to provide a low-slip surface to maximize safety while quickly draining away water. SplashGrass provides beauty and safety while lowering maintenance costs and watering needs.


SplashGrass is:

  • 100% drainable

  • Safe to use as a play surface

  • Easy to maintain

  • A unique outdoor environment alternative to concrete or pool decks


SplashGrass is the perfect solution for your poolside needs. Let our ForeverLawn experts ensure you are completely satisfied with your poolside project. Not only will you work with the best in the industry, you will have a high-quality warrantied product that will last you for years to come.

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